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I have always browsed for potential hookups on Milfaholic when I lived in the city but I had an unexpected experience when I moved to the suburbs. I was getting tired of the fast paced life and I felt I needed a change. Little did I know that I was about to have a-once-in-a-lifetime experience by using Milfaholic in my new neighborhood. In the suburbs, I had a number of neighbors with green lush lawns but Betty was the most interesting neighbor I had ever met. Betty was a housewife whose house was just next door to my house. I had moved to the suburbs from the city after college because I wanted to stay in a peaceful environment and was hoping to settle down someday. The thing is that Betty always seemed happy even when she and her husband separated. Betty had to look for a job so that she could keep her daughter in the private school where she was a field hockey champion.

She was the first person to wave at me when I was moving my stuff into my new house. It made me feel at ease with the decision I had made to move to the suburbs. Betty was also a soccer mom of sorts because every weekend she drove her daughter to practice every weekend and she loved sports. Apart from Betty, I knew Bob who lived just a few blocks away and Ted who owned the grocery store near my house. They would always come over to my house and we would drink beer and play computer games. One gaming weekend I noticed that Bob was typing frantically on his tablet with his hands. Ted was standing behind Bob with his arms leaning on the back of the couch and he was looking at whatever Bob was doing on his tablet. They both had these naughty grins on their faces and would break out in laughter every few seconds.

I stood up and went to look at what they were doing. It turned out that they were browsing through profiles on Milfaholic (a website for people who would love to meet a milf). I was not surprised because I had always known that Bob was a milfaholic and had never dated anyone in his age group. He was 25 (just six years younger than me). It was a picture of a blond haired woman who was only wearing red lingerie and was hugging her breasts with her arms to cover them. Bob was supposed to meet her that night and was busy flirting with her on Milfaholic just for a “warm-up”. We started browsing through the website and discovered Mariana. She had taken very suggestive photos but she did not show the front of her face in any of them but I could tell she was a beautiful woman. I knew that that was not her name and her location was somewhere near where I lived. They made me send her a naughty message and after a few minutes of back and forth messaging, I made up my mind to meet her just to quench my friends’ curiosity.

So, Finally...

We agreed to meet in a Bed and Breakfast in a town that was an hour drive away from my neighborhood. I was to wait for her in a café just next to the bed and breakfast and then we would both drive to the bed and breakfast. I was shocked when Betty walked into the café a few minutes later. I could see that she was clearly shocked too but I ran after her when she walked out and convinced her that there was no need to feel awkward about it. We talked and laughed at ourselves and even went to the city to witness the New Year fireworks. After that we drove home and never talked about the incident again. We did not flirt or have sex or even touch that day but we became good friends after that. I deleted my account and decided to focus more on meeting people in social places like bars or house parties.

Becky later met a doctor from France and they moved out once her daughter had finished high school and went to live in Europe. I also met Janice that same year and we got married and moved to Chile. We live close to the beach and our son goes to one of the best elementary schools in the country. Up to this day, I still smile when I remember meeting Betty online.